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There is a Path that is the Way of Everlasting Life. The Path is the Word and the Way is the name given to the movement that came from those who followed Jesus while He walk the earth. This Path-Way is the teachings from the Word which is the Truth of God found in the person/deity of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, He is the Word of God in the Flesh. This Path is narrow and the journey is hard which is why God gave us the instruction book called the Bible.
In this day and age of mixed up Doctrines and Traditions it is time to get back to basics. Here at Path-Way Worship Ministries that is what we do. There is no need for long explanations or self help books because the Bible covers all things needed.


The Bible has many lessons on a right way of living, how to recognize and avoid doing wrong, and the blessings or consequences depending on the chosen path taken. Basically, it is God’s Guide to a Right Life. It also contains the Teachings of Jesus which provide for us the Way to Salvation through Him. These lessons are sometimes a hard pill to swallow but necessary for living in a right moral and ethical manner. The teachings of Jesus are of and from the Father.

At Path-Way we will not condemn you , that is not for us to judge, also we do not condone Christians who believe it is okay to continue living in their sins after they seek repentance. We will work through it together. We will say things that may convict you and open your heart and mind to His Word. It is for you to make a choice that hopefully guides to for a desire to know Christ. If you are convicted and want to know more, need prayer, or need to talk to one of our pastors or counselors go here: Contact PLEASE do not hesitate, we are always available.
We love to worship, it is the way of life. There are many facets to worshipping but one in particular is through song. Many Old Testament Believers worshipped through the poetry/song style and fervent prayer which is an outpouring of the soul. King David poured his heart to God through this manner and gave us the Psalms.


There is a special vibration from music. Through praise, worship, and prayers, we feel the words in a way that bless God and bring a certain peace of mind to us and gratitude for God. We are blessed to share this with you.
A New Piece from Katrina and Kyle:

Something for the Kids and the Children at heart

These and other videos are found on our WORSHIP MUSIC page.
For our Beliefs Statement, Vision and Mission Statements click here: WHO WE ARE
Apostles: What were they like before, during, and after their transforming journey with Christ. Did you know there was more to the fishermen than just going out and dropping nets and public servants who stopped swindling people. We learn that Zionists can become healers…Servants can become leaders?
While doing my research I have noticed one major factor of similarity here. All the Disciples who fled from Jesus when He was crucified, died a martyr’s death. John is the only one who stayed there of the Twelve and the only one to die of natural causes. Things that make you go Hmmm. Stay faithful, live longer to do God’s Will?????We explore more in: Lessons from The Apostles
Ten Commandments: God’s Word of Law was given to the Israelites to guide and protect them. The Commandments are God’s Law to His People in order to live a right and good life. Over the years some of the Commandments have come under scrutiny of meaning. In my studies I have found the ancient writings and original meanings which we need to abide by today. Take a look by following this link: TEN COMMANDMENTS
Path-Way Worship Ministries Retreat
We are in the planning stages for the first part of what will become a Christian retreat/refuge. God is the center of everything. We are His favored creation but the original mission we were given has been placed aside in favor of just living and doing things that seem right in our own eyes. We cannot do that and be right in His. At this retreat center, we will provide a place to discover how to unplug from the world and return to God. To find out more and if you want to be a part of something that explores that which is greater than ourselves: Path-Way Refuge and Retreat Center

One of our missions is to the homeless especially those who are forgotten and those who have served to protect us. John 15:13 says, “Greater love hath no man than he who would lay his life down for his friends.” We are here to help all those who are forgotten and lift them up. But we cannot do it alone. Plans have begun for the Reignite Living Center, for more information click here: Reignite Living Center
This Weeks Scripture Concentration: Psalm 51:12-15 CJB

Create in me a clean heart, God;
renew in me a resolute spirit.
Don’t thrust me away from your presence,
don’t take your Ruach Kodesh (Holy Spirit) away from me.
Restore my joy in your salvation,
and let a willing spirit uphold me.
Then I will teach the wicked your ways,
and sinners will return to you.
God told Joshua to keep His Word on the Heart. The Heart is the center of the body. If the Heart is good then so should be the body. If the Heart is open to the Holy Spirit by having the Word present then God resides there. In order to be able to do the work that God intended for us, we must have a clean Heart with one direction in mind. That direction is towards God. 

Featured Post Excerpt:

We all have heard the saying, “His Grace is enough”, and that is true to a point. God’s Grace is enough for us to desire to make positive changes in our lives to affect positive changes in the lives of others. This positive change occurs when sin no longer controls our livesGod’s Grace Is Forever


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