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Path-Way Worship Ministries is the culmination of years of study and prayer. What started out as a pastor’s page teaching life lessons based on Scripture, has turned into a full fledged online ministry that has reached 5 Continents. Since the beginning of 2017, Path-Way has been working towards a refuge for Christians who need to reflect, renew, and reconnect as well as have a place for the downtrodden and homeless to find their sense of worth, renew their hope in humanity, and hopefully find their place in the Kingdom.

Check out the blog page Lessons from Scripture, Katie’s Corner, and Lessons from the Apostles with more to come.

We have a donations page set up to help raise money for building a retreat/refuge for all ages. We also are raising funds to help build and maintain our garden which will supply food for the hungry as well as the retreat/refuge.

Vision Statement: Bringing Hope to the Hopeless and Rest for the Weary through Life Lessons from God’s Word.

Mission Statement: Our Mission is to Share and Spread the Gospel following the Great Commission. To Revitalize God’s Truth in this Hopeless and Weary World. To Restore God’s Truth and Love through a Better Understanding of Scripture. To Help Christians Understand that Worship is More Than Just A Song

Recent Post Excerpt:

Children are God’s gift to His creation. Not only are children born for parents to care for and learn joy and true love from, they are the future generations who will help bring God’s Kingdom to completion here on earth. God gave us the Bible to learn how He wishes us to live and celebrate Him but there is more to this. Even though it has been said there is no instruction manual for being a parent, those who say that are incorrect. God teaches us in Scripture how to raise the child. Does He not say in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”?


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