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As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s grace. 

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Goodness. Sounds inevitable that we are supposed to be good but what is meant by goodness? We can strive to have a good heart, a sound mind, be known as a good person because of the way we put others before ourselves but how can we be called good in a world full of sin. It is by God’s grace and the Holy Spirit within us that His Goodness is amplified by our lives.  

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Have you ever looked at a person of the opposite sex and thought the person was beautiful but when you approached the individual you found a hard or ill willed heart? As human, we have a tendency to judge by outward appearance alone. The physical first impression leads to whether or not a person will talk to another. Society has put an idea into the masses mind that having certain looks makes a person desirable but that is far from the truth of the matter. True Beauty is NOT Skin Deep

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               What’s In Our Name:  Path-Way Worship Ministries

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. NO one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14:6 emphasis added)”.  Jesus is the Word Made Flesh and it is His Way that comforts, guides, and saves us. The Word provides the understanding of the Path we must take which is narrow. Saying this, God provides us with the Path and the Way to Him through His Son that leads to Salvation and Eternal Life. Our mission is to share that with the world.   

There is no need for long explanations or self-help books because the Bible gives the guidance on how to trust in the Lord for our every need. From the Scriptures we learn moral and ethical living, values and characteristics that separate us from the world. Jesus gave us the great example of living for God. For it through Jesus we discover joy in suffering, how to make our hearts right for peace, and most of all how to love ourselves and our fellow man as the Father loves us. 

Here we will not condemn you, it is not our place to judge. In the same way, we do not condone Christians who believe it is okay to continue living in their sins after they seek repentance. We will however, work through it together. We will say things that may convict you and open your heart and mind to His Word. It is for you to make a choice that hopefully guides to for a desire to know Christ. If you are convicted and want to know more, need prayer, or need to talk to one of our pastors or counselors go here: Contact PLEASE do not hesitate, we are always available.

For our Beliefs Statement, Vision and Mission Statements click here: WHO WE ARE


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