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There is a Path that leads to the Way of Everlasting Life. The Path is the Word and the Way is the name given to the movement that Jesus began. The Way is the teachings from the Word which is the Truth of God found in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Way. This Path is narrow and the journey is hard which is why God gave us the instruction book called the Bible.

The Bible has many lessons on a right way of living as well as how to recognize and avoid doing wrong. It is the Teachings of Jesus which provide for us the Way to Salvation through Him. These lessons are sometimes a hard pill to swallow but necessary for living in a right moral and ethical manner. The teachings of Jesus are of and from the Father and are found in the Old Testament as well as the New.   At Path-Way we do not condemn you for your sins, that is not for us to do, but we may say things that will convict you into desiring to know Christ. If you are convicted and want to know more, need prayer, or need to talk to one of our pastors go here: Contact  PLEASE do not hesitate, we are always available. 

The Holiday Season is upon us. With Thanksgiving, Hannukkah, Christmas, and other celebrations, Worshipping God becomes a priority in many lives. What we need is to have the worship all the time and not just because it is the season to do so. With so many just entering the churches and Synagogues during these next few months (sometimes just one or two days) we need to remind them that God wants us to seek Him and glorify Him in worship daily.


Veteran’s Day has come and gone. The next thing in the United States is the celebration of Thanksgiving. We put aside one day to be thankful for the family and the lives we have. It is a rememberance of the harvest that sustained the Pilgrims but was also a joining of two nations. This time let’s try to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving going throughout the year.

For our Beliefs Statement, Vision and Mission Statements click here: WHO WE ARE

Apostles: What were they like before, during, and after their transforming journey with Christ. Did you know there was more to the fishermen than just going out and dropping nets…Zionists can become healers…Servants can become leaders? We explore more in: Lessons from The Apostles

Ten Commandments: God’s Word given to the Israelites to guide and protect them. The Commandments are God’s Law to His People in order to live a right and good life. Over the years some of the Commandments have come under scrutiny of meaning. In my studies I have found the ancient writings and truer meanings which we need to abide by today. Take a look by following this link: TEN COMMANDMENTS

MUSIC PAGE : We continue to add new short videos  

We are in the stages of becoming a Non-Profit Organization but we cannot do that without your help. Please help us as our NPO will benefit Homeless, Displaced, and Disabled Veterans. Visit our Fundraise page at: https://www.fundraise.com/path-way-worship-ministries/rob-brickner

This Weeks Scripture Concentration: Haggai 1:1-13

This passage tells us to take time for God. It is one thing to make sure that you are good to go; that you have a roof over your head, clothes on your backs, and food on the table but without God that means nothing. Our Provider is the Lord our God and if we do not recognize that first and glorify Him above all, then we have nothing. If we do not Love Him first, we will never truly understand what Love is. If we know comfort in Him then we will never know the safety He brings us. Ensuring God is first and foremost in our lives is how we get through the day. No matter what suffering the world brings us, God is there.   

Featured Post Excerpt:

The best part of waking up is knowing that God is with us and has us in His hands. Yes I know, but not all people can have coffee in the morning but they can have communion with the creator.   God First




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