Strange Times

We are truly living in strange times. California is really going off the deep end when it comes to apparent biological ignorance. Apparently some are beginning to believe lies that our biological make up does not matter but how we think we are does. I read an article today that spoke of a specific feminist … Continue reading Strange Times


Remembering or Knowing

We have many things that we are reminded to remember for some reason or another. “Remember the Alamo” reminds us of the slaughter that occurred in San Antonio, Texas where a great number of people lost their lives. We are told to remember September 11th for the vicious attack that took many more lives. We … Continue reading Remembering or Knowing

Reading or Studying, There is a Difference

  There are many resources for reading the Bible through pamphlets, web sources and even church studies that basically skim through Scripture and do not really focus on the meaning. Yes in church there is a prayer for understanding but then it is just read and each person is given to their own understanding. Granted … Continue reading Reading or Studying, There is a Difference