control switchPsalm 118:8

It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.

Contrary to the beliefs of man, we are not the center of the world much less the universe. There are those who believe this so whole heartedly that when their world crashes down they usually end up completely destitute, mentally unstable, or even dead because they do not understand how to recover. The ones that know how to recover either fail at other efforts or succeed and die very lonely and unloved.

Trusting in the things of man without God is a very dangerous place to be. The richest people who are without any type of spiritual background die a very slow death. They enjoy life and die never knowing the joy of salvation. It is better to be poor in material things and rich in spirit than to have much and die with nothing.

God is in the center of all things. This center is the base of all creation. Think of the nucleus of an atom; without it and the nourishing power generated, the atom is worthless and diseased. It is incomplete and fails. We are incomplete and will fail without God in our hearts.

Now here is something interesting, since we are all created by God don’t we all have God in our hearts? Well, yes but those who do not accept Him are more susceptible to the disease of sin. I am not by any means saying we are completely cured of the disease, we have the symptoms and get flare ups but our medicine is the cleansing blood of Christ.

There are those that say they believe but still cannot give up control and constantly try to figure things out on their own without letting go. For one particular individual I know who is older than me this has cause extreme mental anguish due to perfectionism and a hard life he has created for himself. He prays but does not listen, moves without thinking, lets emotions run without calmly listening, reacts to the slightest difference to the way he believes things should be. This is not God.

Another fault of man is not realizing God is not a multitasker, He doesn’t have to be. Not only does He have agents to report to Him but He is fully with us when we call on Him whether we know it or not. He is everywhere in everything so He doesn’t have to multitask as we do to get everything done we desire to do throughout our days.

So what do we need to do?  Sit back, pray, give ourselves over to Christ and accept Him as our Lord and Savior. Remember that we are not in control of everything, only the things that He gives us to handle.



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