We are truly living in strange times. California is really going off the deep end when it comes to apparent biological ignorance. Apparently some are beginning to believe lies that our biological make up does not matter but how we think we are does. I read an article today that spoke of a specific feminist group calling breast feeding an unnatural process……Really, that is what she said.

How much longer are we going to let these delusions continue. We are made to be male and female. God created us to procreate and subdue the earth. He created us as caretakers of the earth. He created the two sexes in order to accomplish this. It is written that man shall leave his mother and cleave to his wife and they shall become ONE FLESH. That is not describing the sexual act. It is a completion of the spirit where the culmination of one flesh means having a child. Anything else is unnatural.

Popular people with money think they can control the world through their words and actions. As we know from the past, those who are in the world do not end up living happy lives. They worship the idol of money which distorts the mind. These people are slaves to the sins of the world. Satan is definitely at work here because if people continue in these unnatural ways, the population will decrease and God’s creation will fall . But of course we know that this will not last long as God will prevail. What we must do is stay in the Word, living for God. Worshiping and Praising Him in everything we do. Worship together, study daily, in every opportune moment, pray.

God Bless You All Brothers and Sisters


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