There is something very beautiful and unique about a woman who becomes a Mom. When God cursed Eve and made having a child into a painful experience it was a blessing in disguise. During the nine months a metamorphosis happens to the woman. Inside while the child is being created, the woman’s body is made stronger to withstand the changes. There are some who can handle the change with ease and others who cannot but the body is being prepared for the blessed day. All the pain and suffering is done in preparation for the growing of the child into an adult. The woman, now a Mom, is now given the strength of full compassion, protection, teaching, whipping away tears while holding in sadness and fear, laughter (both inside and out), but most of all, LOVE. The greatest power of all things is the showing and sharing of love even in the saddest times. Mother’s know when to let go even when they do not want to. They are grateful to see the child become a successful adult and know that the child will always return with gladness even in the most sorrowful times. A Mother is a gift from God. Not an easy burden to bear but God gives the strength and courage to be His Image and teach the child right.

Thank You Mom  for giving me back to God to be in His service. YOu have prepared me well.

Love to All


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