Meditate and Delight In His Word

A student of Scripture, while sitting in class one day, asked the professor, “Why, if I read Scripture daily does it still not make much sense to me and I do not feel fulfilled?” The professor, a long tenured and proud scholar of church history quipped, “Son, I’ve been reading Scripture since I was 8 … Continue reading Meditate and Delight In His Word


Worship an idol, lose the soul

An Army Drill Sergeant during training used to have to stand in front of a firmly rooted tree and tell it to move using an aggressive voice. Of course the tree did not move on command from the Drill Sergeant but God may have sent the wind to rustle the leaves a little. Ancient Greek … Continue reading Worship an idol, lose the soul


In this day and age where many are misguided by society through the inundation of information there is a problem which must be addressed before matters get worse. Morals are at an all time low. What was once considered sinful has become welcomed in everyday life.  Pride has infected the individual and whole groups of … Continue reading PRIDE IS A VIRUS

Is Loving Money Worth Your Soul?

America is a Capitalist nation. We are so dependent on the “Almighty Dollar” that in some places we cannot even take care of natural release functions without paying for it. What has this country come to? Has money replaced God here? There was an article on how much pastors make and as I spoke of … Continue reading Is Loving Money Worth Your Soul?

Sign of the Times

At first glance some of the middle age folk reading this are probably thinking of the song by Prince. For the younger crowd, Harry Styles. Well actually, neither one will be done here. I was reading comments a few days ago on the news where a woman used the expression without explanation eluding to an unknown circumstance that … Continue reading Sign of the Times

The Wrath of God is Already Here

The first chapter in Romans discusses something that is very disturbingly real today. Many people warn that if we keep going the way we are that God will have wrath upon us. Brothers and Sisters that wrath is already here. This country started out great with God’s Love and Grace all around us even though … Continue reading The Wrath of God is Already Here