So many people desire peace in the world but they want their ways to be the ways of the world. Some think money will be the control factor, some through terror. We have seen a rise in both because the greed of money has bought people to act aggressively to spread hate in the name of unity and equality. We have seen terror of a distorted  interpretation of a religious book.

God does tell us, especially in the Minor Prophet books, what His plans are for certain ethnicities. He is the one who will set things in motion to end the hate. He is the one who will transform us. We cannot depend on Him to do all the work though. We are entrusted, but even more commissioned do His Will. There are hurtles that we must get over as Christians to do what we are designed to do.

  1. We must recognize that there is only one race, the Human Race. The difference is in the pigmentation of the skin due to the type of melanin within us.   Just as Adam, and for that matter, Noah.
  2. Actually follow the Greatest Commandment of Love. Loving one another just as He has loved us. That is, sharing all sides of God’s Love without being judgmental.
  3. Stop this Denominational difference of opinion, there is One God and we all should serve Him as the Bible says to.  Unity (catholic) not Catholicism. Recognize the need to remove man-made traditions and begin a solid focus on the personal relationship that He has with all who accept Him.

Why do we still stay in four walls or behind a screen when there is a whole world to take care of. God placed us in the areas we are to care for the creation right in front of us. Yes in this day and age we have the ability to travel quickly and have a desire to share the Word but when the people around the corner (especially in America). How many different ethnicities live in your neighborhood. I can count 7 in mine. How many times have you felt that anger and judging was necessary when tough love without condemnation would have been better. Have you had an argument over a church tradition that turned out to be man-made with some Scriptural backing?

We are One Race created in God’s Image that is assigned as caretakers of His creation. We spread His loving kindness and joy, His determination that all should have respect and love for one another not hate and condemnation.  Serving Him as He says, not how man says we should.

Love one another, Share His faith and trust in us by showing our faith and trust in Him and how that carried on to one another. Be In Christ and live.

Love to All, Be Blessed


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