At first glance some of the middle age folk reading this are probably thinking of the song by Prince. For the younger crowd, Harry Styles. Well actually, neither one will be done here. I was reading comments a few days ago on the news where a woman used the expression without explanation eluding to an unknown circumstance that will be the cause of the end for all of us. How can we recognize prophesy fully coming to be when Jesus Himself says that we will not know the time, the day, or the season in which He will return. The Bible eludes to many times civilizations collapse or go through times of strife which actually have already occurred. The Big One which is the end of what we know and the new beginning, will come at us like a thief. Even though we are given warnings of what will lead to God’s final wrath and how He will slowly stir it up, God gives us opportunities to stave it off for a little while. I have written about Romans 1 which gave us the destructive path of many civilizations before us. Can you not see that we are on the same path? Those civilizations did not learn from the past.
We have heard in Revelation of the time of the Adversary and his means to our end. We have been in his time for a while now and even though many have recognized this we have forgotten the lessons from the past. Think of what certain individuals have done recently by removing an important dark spot in our history because it is “offensive” to some. How do we learn what not to do when we remove reminders?
History is written by the victors. Yes that statement is true. The Islamic State destroyed much of the Middle Eastern past. Monuments that stood the test of nature gone in an instant by the hand of man. People in the United States cry for the removal of reminders of slavery. If they want to remove those things to change people’s minds about the past, how about instead placing the focus on a future based on lessons learned from it. Change the mindset of people by focusing on how the negative shaped us and how we can use its lessons for a more positive outcome. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. recognized this but the Devil had him killed. Since then we have been on a downhill slope with no lift to take us back up.
What can we do? First we must fully recognize the truth of Scripture and stop this watering down of the Gospel. Stop sharing that all you have to do is let Jesus into your heart and you are saved. We as Christians know there is more to it than that. We are not salespeople shopping for souls, we are of The Body of Christ, bringing the good news and what the consequences are for not following Jesus. One must be a follower of His ways and accept the ramifications before fully accepting Him as Lord and Savior. Remember, He said, “Follow Me”. How many souls are lost because they do not understand the full responsibilities of a Christian, of a Child of God? Stop telling sinners that their lifestyle is okay and that they can continue in their sickness even after they repent.
Look, I know this is harsh and believe me it is not super easy to talk about but these things must be said. We need to accept people for who they are no matter pigmentation, clothing, ethnicity; we are all human, God’s Creation. We are not the judge of others when we ourselves will be judged for our own iniquities; but we can help them to, follow, recognize their sins, repent, and accept. Be the follower Jesus desires of you so that you may become the Disciple you need to be for Him.
Witness what God has done in your life so they see the change in your life. Get them to follow Jesus to learn what it means to repent and live for Christ and in Christ. Finally, through the Holy Spirit, challenge them to live a Christ like life and accept Him as Lord and Savior. This is our purpose, to make Disciples of all Peoples. AMEN.


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