The other day, I got called racist when I said I do not see color. Why? I do not recognize a person by the color of skin. Being in the military, the only color we knew was red and green. But I also cannot prescribe to this many race idea when God created only one race of humankind.
We are all God’s children, created by God in His spiritual image. From the same token, we are of one race (kind) but have many types (ethnicity/pigmentation). I say again, ONE RACE, that is the Human Race. Let me go back a few thousand years to the tower of Babel. All people spoke the same language and there were very few differences. Even though by that time the differences in pigmentation, hair, and eye color started showing up. God confused the languages to keep us in line and to teach us who is boss. It worked, well for a time. People started developing their own ways, some even their own gods again. Those who were separated from God were really confused and did not know true right from wrong even though they had their own sense of values which were pretty close but still far off kilter.
Remember the story of Noah and the flood when Scripture says Noah to two of every kind on the Ark. That meant two Dogs, two Horses, two Elephants, two Giraffes, and the list goes on and on. He did not take two Poodles and two Basset Hounds, two Persians and two Siamese or two Clydesdales and two Stallions. Get the idea???
Just because we look different does not mean that deep down we are. Just like the first thing. We are all made of the same materials but the environments we live in change our skin color for protective purposes. There is no ethnicity that is better than another no matter how you look at it. We each have our issues and issues with other ethnicities especially in our religious practices. Our bones all have the same atoms and enzymes. Our skin is made the same, cuts the same bleeds the same (although different types). So deep down in our very genetics we are the same with minor differences.
This is something that has to be straightened out right away before matters get even worse. Even though some things have calmed way down, they are sure to rise again. In order for there to be a smoother eradication of racism in this country we have to stop identifying by country that signifies a different type of ethnicity. We are basically the only country that does that and it must be put to rest.



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