My dad asked me to write about something I feel strongly about. Being the youngest in the family, I have begun to truly understand what that word means. What is Family? Is it Blood? Is it only your Mom, Dad, Siblings, Cousins, Grandparents? Family does not have to be related in any way, it is all related through many things but most of all, Love. If you don’t Love then the people around you sometimes leave, not out of choice but for their own needs. They feel lost, abandoned and lonely.  God put us all on this Earth for different reasons, however, we were all made to Love one another so that there would be no loneliness. This is something that I feel strongly about as a young Christian woman wanting to start a family. I hope you will come on this journey with me to understand what it means when becoming a woman of stronger Faith. My family reaches far beyond my parents and siblings.


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