Life Verse

The Bible is God’s Instruction Manual that teaches us how to live a good and proper life. Yes there is suffering, pain, loss, destruction, and death, but there is also joy, happiness, assurance of God’s Love. In fact, God loves us so much that even though we should read the whole Scripture, God gives us a personal message which may actually be His ultimate plan for our lives. We call these things life verses which really say something about the person and the personal relationship with God that the individual has. Some are Scriptures of encouragement, some duty, some hope, some teach daily reminding us that we are just temporary residents.

Many people say the Bible does not speak directly to individuals because it is myth, the victor’s view of history. Well, if that is case then I will find out when I meet Him. The Bible talks about defeats, wins, manipulations, corrections, and directions. Gee I don’t think this would be written as the greatest book of fiction if my life has mirrored so much.

Finding a verse that suits you is not that hard. It involves a relationship with God then asking the questions. Yes, it is that simple. God also will guide and direct us to our life verse in our daily walk with Him.

For instance, mine is John 15:13, “Greater Love hath no man than he who would give his life for his friends.” I can tell you that this direction was given to me by God. When growing up I served God every way I could, sacrificing fun times with my friends but knowing that if they needed me I would be right there no matter the cost. I nearly gave up the Ghost in 1997 but God kept me around for our daughter who was just conceived. In 2007/2008 I was in Iraq. After returning from some much needed R&R back in the states I was walking back from eating dinner with my best battle buddy and there was a mortar attack. If I had not told my brother in arms to get behind a barrier, we both would have been lost. Taking that action actually saved both our lives. I know God was there because the shell dropped after we hit the dirt and exploded 75 meters away from us.  The shrapnel missed us by 10 meters. I felt God’s hedge of protection because I was on the side of the barrier that would have been damaged. Even though it did not injure me, I understood from that point on that I need to help people no matter the cost, even my own life.

So, WHAT IS YOUR LIFE VERSE? Please use the comments and we will start a conversation. I want to know you better.

God Bless


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