Continuing with the words from Psalm 139: 13-16 each of us are unique in God’s own way. Parents are given authority from God to raise the child in accordance with the Bible and the biological structure of the child but too many parents have fallen into the trap of society in the raising of children where they change the child’s gender because of how they act and react to things. Some even raise the children as male and female or just plain genderless which is completely detrimental to the mind of the child.
God’s Creation is NOT meant for that. If more people begin to believe these unnatural things then we will be a completely lost nation. Males are becoming more feminine but thank goodness we still have strong mentally capable people who recognize this and are trying to fix it. America is a melting pot nation and as we have discussed in while studying Ephraim we found that we are the greatest and most powerful nation which will be shorter lived than any previous empire.
In my generation and older, boys were boys and girls were girls. If we played with certain items it was a discovery point but not one to say he or she prefers playing with things of the opposite sex so that must be what he/she is. All the hormone therapy in the world and gender change operations will not, I REPEAT, will NOT change the internal biology of the individual.
We are Fearfully and Wonderfully made. This means that each of are designed with God’s Plan in mind, not our parents, not society’s, God’s Plan. Reverent and unique we are as we enter the world. God already designed us as we should be. It we feel like we are in the wrong skin then we need to search our surroundings and our upbringing. If the child is brought up knowing and understanding who God is and why we are who we are then there should be no issue.
We are made male and female for a reason and that reason is NOT so we can decide to change it taking God’s authority away from His creation. We were made to procreate and care for the world God created for us. Not to try and become Gods ourselves. Those that feel that they can challenge God in that, well He has a surprise for you. You can change the way you look but deep inside to the very electrons, protons and neutrons, you will still be the same biological sex and gender you were born as. Tempt fate if you must but you will never be truly happy.
This is the worst time in all history. We had a President who welcomed sexual immorality in an effort to destroy the nation. We now have a Cyrus like figure who is dealing with those who bathed in the gutters of Rome who are so far gone it will take everything we Christians can do to fix it with the Holy Spirit’s help. Thing is though, we need to get the stint out of our own eye first and stop agreeing with society’s ways, stop believing that inactive faith is good, and step up while standing firm on the cornerstone of the church who supports our every move for Him.
We are Fearfully and Wonderfully made the same in that we all have the capacity to Love as God Loves us. God has imprinted Himself in our DNA and that can never be changed either. The capacity to love a Godly Love for one another has been buried for too long. It is in people but not enough of us. We need another man like Martin Luther King Jr., not Malcom X. We need a John F. Kennedy not Charles Manson. We need someone who will make a better change for the nation and the world. We need the Apostles to resurrect our tortured souls with their words of encouragement. In all this, we need to listen closer to the teachings of Jesus. In fact JESUS IS THE ANSWER. He is the person we need in our lives. His is the great Spirit, being the Word that flows within us. Jesus is the Way, The Truth and The Life.
Be brave out there and do not let anyone stand in our way. Jesus will reign soon.


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