There are Pastors, Reverends, Chaplains, and other senior leaders below Bishops and such that strive to live a Christ like life but have difficulty understanding the required difference between them and those they serve. Men (and in some cases women) are beaten up every day on their actions, reactions, and lack there of when it comes to the problem of spiritual issues versus social. We are in a time where the spiritual has taken a back seat to the social construct because too many have fallen away from God and it is making it more difficult every day for those of us in the ministry to do what it is we have to do. This has caused many great pastors to have to take sides especially within their congregation where no side need be taken. This has caused strife within their own family as they struggle with what the kids are being subjected to on an hourly basis.

It is not part of a pastor’s life to desire everyone to like them, to seek them out personally. It is the pastors duty to care for the spiritual fitness which may entail some social materialisms to untangle but not so bad that they get caught up in it. Pastors who preach the Prosperity Gospel as well as the Jesus Only are hurting more than helping. People need to know the kindness of our Savior but they also need to be shown and recognize that going to church one day a week and going about their earthly lives for the other 6 days does not a good Christian make.

Pastors sometimes struggle with what they should preach because there are so many good and meaty morality lessons but the kinder gentler ones are afraid of offending and losing members so they take the easy way out by saying don’t worry because that was then and this is now. They should be ashamed because the Bible’s Words are just as relevant today as they were when they were written. Sugar coating gets people outside the gate looking in not inside enjoying the feast.

We struggle with anger and favoritism. Pastors who give way to unnecessary anger when things do not go their way are only looking for trouble. Remember, all people are to be slow to anger. Pastors who choose favorites do not give the member who has been waiting for the chance to share his/her spiritual gift. This causes the person to become stagnant and also hurt the favored one causing a burn out.

I ask all members of the Body of Christ to please keep an eye on the one who is standing before you as the presenter of God’s Word. Just as you are in need of spiritual fulfillment, the pastor is too otherwise he/she will burn out and become less of a spirit and more of a beast.

Pray for the Pastors and all other clergy that they continue to strive for giving the truth of the Word, not afraid to offend or convict. That they follow the Gospel and not add things of humanity. That they are cared for in the spiritual ways as well as they physical (basic) needs so they can share the Word.

Love to all,

Pastor Rob



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