A life lived by God’s Will is a happy life. Living right and being encompassed in the Wisdom and Will of God will lead to happiness all your days. Okay that does not mean there will be no days of suffering and sadness. Is it not in the suffering and pain that we find joy in the Lord because He is with us and will guide us through it.
When we look at Proverbs 3:21-26 we see the father telling his son (we can say son and daughter here) to be watchful and not let the Word of God and the lessons learned from his mind and heart. Remain in the laws and statutes while being the one with integrity and he will go far. Is that not what we want for all our children? To remember the teachings of their youth and conduct themselves in a way that they will be successful physically and spiritually. Continuing to live in the way of the Lord and you will not stumble, nor will he/she have fear of the evil things in the world nor the bad things that happen to those who conduct themselves in an evil manner. God is watching and will keep you from harm.
This is all well and good from the perspective of an era where the evil that men did was not a bad as it is today. There are more dangerous fiends and demons who will ravage the thoughts and minds of our children now more than ever in history. So how do we protect the children? How do we keep them in God’s Word and trying to live a Christ-like life today? We must remain in God’s will ourselves and show the children a right way of living. This is the most difficult thing to do when around so much violence around every corner, people are becoming more and more immoral by the day both sexually and mentally. The Adversary is running rampant in the hearts of parents who confuse their children with thoughts that go against every teaching in Scripture.
What can we do, sit back and watch the carnage? NO We must act in the right ways of Jesus teachings, not sugarcoated but the real truth, that is the way to get people back on track. We must fight with God’s Word not our own. Many people live long and happy lives with no knowledge of God but they somehow make it. The people who have rejected God are the ones destroying us.
Turning back to living by the Wisdom (Word) of God and understanding His purpose in our lives is what will bring us back to His good graces. We must walk with Jesus as our constant companion. Now I am no soothsayer nor expert on how to do it I just know it happens when we ask Him into our lives, trusting and obeying His every word.
Brothers and Sisters, stay vigilant in our time of need. Let us work together as One Body in Christ.


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