Since the eclipse we have seen the earth shatter, rain, freeze, melt, and explode. Brothers and Sisters we cannot let these natural disasters give us doubt that God is not here, He is. Though Psalm 46 actually refers to nations and not the disasters stated, it has relevance now because those disasters have upheaved nations that are for and against Israel. The writer explains through the Spirit that we are not to fear or fret about disasters even as they happen to us because God will take care of those left on the earth as He calls others home. We must not waver but be still for from His Word we shall not be moved.

God is in control and this is all part of His plan and His timing, we can predict all we want but as we have seen numerous times we cannot fully predict the direction of the wind and rain, the depths of the earth, nor the stars in the sky. Though science has come close, it is not exact.

Our refuge and strength is in God, His Word, His truth and Understanding. Our home is in His loving arms. It is in His arms where we worship and praise Him in all things that happen on this place we call our temporary home. It is within His city we shall call home. Blessed be the Lord our God. We are to be still and know that He is God


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