Amazing Sunset

So many times people will look and think, “oh this is beautiful”, or “isn’t that a wonderful painting?”, when they really should be thinking and thanking the Creator of all things. This was one subject that hit me last night when we were sitting in worship with a group of young Christian College students Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville last night. I was there playing the Cajon (was coerced into playing) while a student played guitar and we just let the Spirit take us in the music. We sang many songs of worshipfulness and gave testimony to many things. My faith in the up and coming Christian adult generation was restored.

We are God’s greatest creation, even the angels bow before us. 

One young man in his early twenties who had a real rough life had given everything to God and spoke up about thanking the Creator as we look upon things that He created and the things that one He created then created as well (if that makes sense). In other words, we look at the beauty of nature and see what God has done in this world and thank Him but when we see a beautiful painting and glorify the artist, should we not also thank God for creating the artist and giving him or her that gift of creation.

Today we went to see some rebuilt old cars both national and international and all I could think of was thanking God for giving these creators the technical knowhow and the designs for these modes of transportation. Though some looked weird and futuristic, is was still amazing that some of these ideas even moved. Even the computer that I am writing this on this very second, God had given the gift to someone to be able to put this together so that I can write these words.

1 Thessalonians 5:18                                                                                                                     Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

It is amazing what we take for granted this day and age and only grip at God for natural disasters and when someone dies. Why does it seems we are always in the blaming zone when we should be thanking God for the water, the wind, the disruption making way for the new. We have sorrow for the loss of life and material things, yes but that doesn’t mean we should be angry with our loving Father.

The next time someone tells you to stop and smell the roses, say to the individual I will stop, thank God for creating the roses and then smell and see the beauty in God’s Creation.


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