There are many things going on in the world today where people are forgetting whom they need to completely put their trust in. Yes we need to have trust within the circle of family and friends but the trust in them is only temporary and earthly. I am not saying that we need to stop trusting in them, not at all because it is an ingredient in the glue that keeps families and friends together. Putting our trust in God will help keep us focused on Him even in our darkest moments when we feel lost in the temptations of this world. David had fallen into many trappings of the Adversary because He did not want us to succeed. David was now an easy target but as we know today even in his darkest times, David knew where to place his ultimate trust. 

Psalm 52:

Why do you boast of your evil, you tyrant, when God’s mercy is present every day? Your tongue, as sharp as a razor, plots destruction and works deception. You love evil more than good, lies rather than speaking uprightly. You love all words that eat people up, you deceitful tongue! This is why God will strike you down, seize you, pluck you from your tent and uproot you from the land of the living. The righteous will see and be awestruck; they will jeer at him, saying, “This fellow would not make God his refuge, but trusted in his own great wealth, relying on his evil plots.” But I am like a leafy olive tree in the house of God; I put my trust in the grace of God forever and ever. I will praise you forever for what you have done, and I will put my hope in your name; for this is what is good in the presence of  your faithful.

The evils of today have taken many forms as we have gone through the many church ages as spoken of in Revelation (not Revelations) and we are nearing the end. The evil that men do will surely be punished in the next world as it is running rampant in this one. In Psalm 52, the Psalmist speaks first of the evil and vile words that come from the mouth of those who do not know or trust in God. They use words of hate, jealousy, and other ungodly behaviors until the person is given his due on the earth by the devil when he is done with him. When the devil or false gods forsake you or do nothing at all for you, then you are truly damned. The only way is to humble yourself and plead forgiveness in this life while also placing your faith and trust in the only one that truly matters, God.

Of course, if it is not a true, sincere, fully humbling (think like how Scrooge changed) change of ways, the chances of eternal redemption are not so good. Those that see others who are not with God or don’t have Jesus (or however you want to put it), need to be mindful not to condemn but at least make known their folly. It may lead to the persons saving grace. Isn’t that where God wants us to put our trust, into His Amazing, Saving Grace?

The person mentioned above placed faith in something less than God. Things less than God (yes that is definitely including ourselves) cannot be feared as much as God can, cannot save you from eternal damnation like God can, and cannot love you as much as God does.   

Brothers and Sisters, the time is quickly approaching where we should be on the watch for the thief in the night. God will not tell us exactly when (even those who think to read the signs have been completely off), but He will tell us when the time comes. With that said, make yourself right with God. Humble yourself, grant God the full access into your heart that He not only desires but deserves because He is our creator/redeemer and not that human made product that lies their lifeless. Give God His Glory, Love As He Loves Us.   


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