Seek God in everything and you will see the wonders of the universe. Most of us have heard someone tell us to, “stop and smell the roses”, but there is more to a rose than just a beautifully intoxicating aroma. Closing our eyes when smelling (actually a very common thing) flowers we can sense the pollen, the bees, and everything else that went into the creative design by God. How much more we could sense if our eyes were actually opened to His creation (that includes us). We are beautiful creatures with one job, be caretakers of God’s Creation and while at it, enjoy it not destroy it. 

Brothers and Sisters, we have not done as God commands. We have let this world go to pot and us with it. Between depletion mining and drilling, war, ethnic cleansing, human trafficking, pornography, prostitution, homosexuality, and other acts of immorality which God abhors,  we have destroyed His most prized creation, us. No wonder the world is fighting back at us. 

We all need to stop, seek the Father, actually listen, forget about our own selfish desires, and start working our purpose. We cannot do it if we forget about those who were in the church but left for higher education, or because they were not being used for or able to use God’s gifts properly. How many people get lost in a church that has over 1000 members? A whole lot really. If you are not in the clicke or a large tither, the staff usually looks the other way. THAT HAS TO STOP. 

Seeking God’s Handywork actually starts with the individual.  What kind of upbringing? Was there good relationships with immediate family? Was God’s presence known in the home? Did the church family do right by the person or just ignore as if treated like a waste of oxygen (I have witnessed this)? How Christians treat others needs to be how they would want God to treat them (not just how they want to be treated by others). Would God throw out wasted flesh? NO. He is the great potter who reforms the broken and creates beauty from ash, dust, and clay.

Can we start acting like Christians and not be seen as the hypocritical goody two shoes who finds the wrong in everything except themselves? Be more open and welcome to all who hunger and thirst for healing no matter the sin. God is the judge, not us. Jesus is our scapegoat (or sacrificial lamb) who took away our sins and defeated death. We cannot be judgmental of others when we do not examine ourselves finding sin and asking for our own forgiveness. How many planks are in your eye?

Brothers and Sisters I know I am not without sin and am every day reminding myself that I must follow Jesus’ right way of living. I know He took my place and so I must do as He says so that He will say He knows me. So must we all do this. Remember when Jesus spoke of separating the sheep and goats? Which one are you?

Think on these things and stay in the Word.


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