One of the hardest things to this day and age is to be a Christian. People in the past 80 years have perverted the Word so much. They created ungodly doctrines, changing Jesus and Scripture to fit their needs and desires so that their sins are ok to continue living in. Some pastors have fallen victim to the idol of money and are in the constant state of asking for it to the point that their assets are worth more than the church building they preach in. One pastor took the Commandments and said that they are suggestions on how to live and no longer relevant, he even changed them.

There are Bibles that take gender out of the equation and theologies to fit the needs of the people. What God abhors has become a common way of life making right wrong and wrong right. What was once morally correct has been questioned and immoral behavior has become a norm.  

We were warned about this in Scripture but no one really paid attention. We have become numb and have let the Prince of Darkness completely rule the land. Christians and Jews are being persecuted on a daily basis by suffering financial/personal ruin and even killed for their beliefs. Even families are fighting against each other resulting in death. 

What can we do as Christians in this hateful world? The only thing we can do is to keep strong in the faith and continue the Kingdom Commission Work that we were instructed to do. Follow the Commandments, moral codes, and laws that were given to our Hebrew anscestors as they are the right and proper way of living. We cannot give in to the love of materialism nor fall into the trappings of the transgrssions and sins of our fellow man. 

We also need to correct those who reinterpret Scripture to meet their needs. God warns us through John not to change Scripture period. We need to help people understand that the Old Testament is just as important as the New because without the Old Testament histories and teachings we would not know the reason Jesus came to us.

This is our time to fix the immoral misguidance that has occured. No bandages this time we need to fight the infection at the heart. Keep fighting the good fight and do what is right in God’s eyes not our own. The more of us there are the stronger our voice so that the wilderness is set fire because the heat from our light shines and burns through the hearts of man. Be safe let go and LET GOD.   



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