Planned Parenthood please stop killing the innocent. Stop encouraging abortions so you can make a buck from the innocent lives you destroy. We need to let the children live so that the next generation (after this failed generation) can grow in God’s Love. THe current generation of youth and young adults have succumed to so much evil that there may be no escape or recovery for many. We need to get them right so that future generations can learn right from wrong and discern good from evil. I am saddened and sick and tired of the current state of the world we live in.

Let me make another point here. The same individuals who fight for the rights of LGBTQ (you know, the ones who say to go into the bathroom for whichever gender you feel)… are the same ones who are also accusing men of sexual assault and harrassment (some are true). Some are the same ones who took certain people up on their offers for jobs, went back for more and are crying rape and other things. It has gotten to the point where a man cannot whisper or make a hand gesture without someone calling foul. Come on people wake up.

How did we get here????? MMMMM.. let’s see. Oh yeah the free love of the 60’s, the casting couch that has been a thing since the beginning of Hollywood, the rise of pornography, the adult film industry, and dating turning into “hooking up” to test the waters. This is a dangerous sexually immoral game that people are playing. It has affected the entire nation much less the world.

Now we have to deal with gender dysphoria, the LGBTQ agenda, civil rights turning into sexual oriatation rights, government officials changing God’s law and undersmining the person voted to be in charge of the United States. What is next??? I am afraid to find out.

It is time to get back into the GOOD BOOK. Time for people to get the dust off the Bibles that they have not opened for fear of being convicted. Time to right the worngs of the country  and rebuild what was lost. We can still have Christian values and strive as a country. It will not put us in reverse but a new type of forward momentum.

Brothers and Sisters we need to take action now before the devil has complete and utter control. Christians in power cannot do it alone. Stand firm in your beliefs and shout them out. If a person cries foul turn the other cheek and prove their lack of understanding. Live for Christ not the world. Love with God’s Love not man’s. This is a time of celebration, joy and happiness. Let’s show the world who is the true King, the Prince of Peace, Savior, and Redeemer. Jesus Christ.


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