6 Geese A Laying

On the Sixth Day of Christmas. Well, how about the Six Days of Creation. Geese laying eggs represents the creation of all life, earth, sun, moon and stars.

Only God can do something so amazing in the matter of minutes. When God created the heavens and the earth, He created something from nothing. Science had produced many theories on how everything was created but still cannot explain one thing: If the Big Bang was caused by a rushing of hydrogen into a source of other matter, where di all of those components come from if there was nothing to begin with. The best way to explain it is that someone  or something came into being, breathed out and the rush of the hands coming together to clap brought together all the elements, atoms, etc. and the moment the hands connected, there is the Big Bang.

Someone with a moment of hilarity could say that God sneezed everything into exitence because when He prepared to do so the Word said “ah-choo” and the Spirit came forth with all the elements. but we won’t really go there.

Ever since the creation of mankind we have been able to create in our own way by making something by using other things that already exist. It is not really creating but manipulating or utilizing what God created in order for us to either survive or enjoy life. We make things to cultivate the earth, move from point A to point B, sit on, live in, and more. God is the only being who creates, we just make use of the materials given. The unfortunate thing is that we also make things to destroy other things.

What we can produce in others is the emotional responses by making things from what God has created. We do not create this either but the response of joyfulness comes from a thing made by our hands. For example, I work with wood and stone to make things that create emotional responses in the individuals for whom the product is designed for. I make someone happy. God created in us the ability to make others have emotional responses by our actions. The problem is that because of the Fall we also have the capability to make someone angry, sad, or disappointed.

This coming year let us make people happy by sharing the joy within us which is Christ. Let’s correct and forgive the mistakes of the past (because that is what God does) and look towards a brighter future in Christ. Every day we live for Him is another day closer to sitting with Him at the biggest feast in the known and unknown heavens. May God grant many blessings in this coming year as we await His return.


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