Continuing the Way of Life, the Teachings take the last chapter and go a little more detailed. These explain that the evil deeds result in matters of the heart.

My child, flee evil of all kinds, and everything like it. Don’t be prone to anger, for anger leads to murder. Don’t be jealous or quarrelsome or hot-tempered, for all these things lead to murder. My child, don’t be lustful, for lust leads to illicit sex. Don’t be a filthy talker or allow your eyes a free reign, for these lead to adultery. My child, don’t observe omens, since it leads to idolatry. Don’t be an enchanter, or an astrologer, or a purifier, or be willing to see or hear about these things, for these all lead to idolatry. My child, don’t be a liar, since a lie leads to theft. Don’t love money or seek glory, for these things lead to thievery. My child, don’t grumble, since it leads to blasphemy, and don’t be self-willed or evil-minded, for all these things lead to blasphemy. On the contrary, be gentle, since the gentle will inherit the earth. Be long-suffering and pitiful and guileless and gentle and good, and with trembling, treasure the words you have received. Don’t exalt yourself or open your heart to overconfidence. Don’t be on intimate terms with mighty people, but with just and lowly ones. Accept whatever happens to you as a blessing, knowing that nothing comes to pass apart from God.
Right out the gate the author discusses the death blow to the mental and emotional state of others when we give in to anger. Then the author speaks of the physical death. In the time this was written there were few ideas about mental control measures so they understood that these emotional responses could lead to ungodly, negative actions. Technology and mass media have made it easier for children and adults to be subjected to violence and sexual situations which makes individuals believe it is ok to view. This corrupts the mind into believing these are the new norms for society. Illicit sexual desires (anything besides husband and wife consensual sex), and the taking of another’s life are not acceptable behaviors. We are not animals and our behaviorisms can be controlled. All we have to do is not give in to them. Sex is reserved for marriage (man to woman nothing else),killing is only acceptable during war (and even then it is still painful to the mind). Matters that ruin the minds also ruin the heart. Be heart healthy and do not give in to temptation.
The next part about witchcraft, occultisms, and divination are the forms of idolatry that were prevalent in that time. We can include: celebrity worship, alcohol/drug dependency, anything that deals with seeking future events that gives glances that do not fall in line with Godly Teachings. There are things that we are just not supposed to do because they may be tricks of the Adversary.
The love of materialism, having selfish desires, and bearing false witness are worldly things that lead away from God. They are the thieves that steal our soul from the eternal glory and light of God. Anything that goes against God’s teachings is considered blasphemy. Claiming you are something you are not, belittling someone who has done nothing against you or others (bigotry), gossip, and other similar actions are things that lead away from God and destroy another’s heart as well as your own.
This section is not without a hope of relief and salvation. The basic message in being right with God is being a humble servant towards others without thought of yourself. I have mentioned numerous times our lot in life as caretakers and this part is no different. We should accept the situation we find ourselves in and not wanting more or better for that is the situation in which God has placed us. When God is moving in our lives we should not question it, just move because God places us where we are needed as caretakers. Those that try to control their own destiny will eventually fall and fail. If not them personally in this life, then their future generations who seem to reap the benefits will eventually have to deal with the consequences. The eternal soul is what matters, not human fame and fortune.
Accept the hand that God dealt and if mankind gives you a rotten egg, take it to God so that you will understand how to deal with it. Stay from the trappings of man for they are not of God but the Adversary who does everything to go against God’s Plan.
Brothers and Sisters, walk through the days without a chip on your shoulder, God will knock it off. Rather, accept the way that you are and God will provide.
I pray that you receive God’s Love and Blessings as you walk humbly with Christ letting Him lift you and take care of you as you do His Will on earth.


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