Repent, Repent, Repent. Without telling you the consequences, let’s talk about the advantages of what happens when you repent of your sins and put your hope in Christ. What happens when a person repents of their sins and accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior? First thing is the heaviest weight is lifted off the shoulders of the penitent person. The process is completed with the outward sharing of the inward heart through Baptism where our old selves are put to death and we are reborn with Christ as a new being.
So what happens after? After your heart and mind have been transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit there is a change in how people see you. A deeper and fuller relationship builds as you are welcomed into the Body of Christ, pastoral follow up, discovery of Spiritual Gifts, New Christian and Discipleship Classes and requests to join certain ministry teams. And that is just the organized religion part.
Outside the church your actions and relationships will see a change as well. There are things you can no longer participate in and others that become mission fields. When you become a follower of Christ, people notice a change in behaviors. Because of this, you will suffer persecution, ridicule, shaming, forced separation, and a sense of being unwanted in certain facets of your old life. Those feelings are ok because you are being changed spiritually and physically. It’s really ok, honest.
Now if the last paragraph scared you away from making the decision to follow something that cannot be physically seen, I am sorry for your loss. If you do not accept Jesus, then when your time is up you might just end up in a place where you will suffer because you did not allow yourself to suffer on earth. You can live a good healthy life on earth without the riches, materialisms, technology, and other, worldly things that make you temporarily happy. Accepting Jesus means not worrying about food, clothes, and other things of this world. God provides a way for you to eat, dress, and live.
One of the hardest things to do is unplug from the world. We are a society dependent on technology and money where Satan is at the forefront by using these to control us and change the very DNA Coding that separates Good from Evil, Forgiven from Unforgiven, those in Christ and those who just claim belief. This world is being inundated with violence, immorality, and so many end time scenarios on You Tube and Facebook, that people have become numb. We have become so dependant on currency that we are a slave to it. The change is marked in us to show who are of the world, and who are of the Spirit.
Pastors that concentrate on the Tribulation, Second Coming, and the War for our Souls, usually put the Hope in Jesus as an afterthought. Hope in Jesus should be in the first things not the last things. Even though there are many things we must do and not do, Jesus made it abundantly clear who gets in and who doesn’t. Hoping in Jesus and knowing that He is carrying your burdens is one thing. Doing as you are told to do according to Scripture is something even more amazing. How do we help get people on the right track? Share what is good about being a Christian and the Hope that we are given through Christ.
We should not say that all we have to do is believe because that is definitely not the case. There is a difference in believing in and Being in Christ. The simplest way to state it is having an active faith means you are sharing your faith diligently, or inactive faith with the belief that Jesus has my life and “I’m good” not sharing with anyone. One person does not make a relationship.

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