Brothers and Sisters, I am excited, elated, but honestly feeling very blessed to have two little ones staying with us for a bit. Little did I know how much these two would affect my heart. They are grandchildren of one of our board members and are just adorable. She is single and did not know what to do so I said come live with us. The oldest is a 6 year old girl and the young man is 4 and they have had a rough life so far. But that is another story.

When they came to us they had no set schedule, did not pray before bed, and were a bit rambunctious (what child isn’t) but after just a few weeks there has been an amazing transformation. They are used to a set schedule, we all sit either at a table or in the living room to read and they have developed manners and a sense of responsibility (the 6 year old helps make her school lunch). But here is the best thing, after a few nights of telling them we have to pray before bed, they come over to me, sit on my lap and tell me it is time to pray.

My wife and I are sharing the responsibility of taking care of them and each night there is something new or different but special nonetheless. Tonight after their baths we had story time. I volunteered to help the 6 year old read through her story and next thing I know I have two little ones on my lap. After she finished reading, I read a story to the little guy. Let me tell you, I am not ready to be a grandparent but I am so glad to have these two little ones here with us while the parents get things straight. 

Children are our future. How we raise them dictates a good portion on how they will be when they grow. I am a firm believer in Proverbs 22:6. This is now solidified thanks to our (recently) 20 year old Katie who you can see singing on this site and now these little ones to whom we have introduced Christ and watching them both grow in a desire to know Him more.

Caring for these little angels is certainly a matter of the heart.

God Is Great.


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