We are entering what is called Holy Week. It starts with Jesus finishing His travel to Jerusalem and becomes more and more interesting from there. Jesus had two of the Disciples go to get a young burro for Him to ride on when entering the gates of Jerusalem. This is the time where Jesus will cautiously reveal His true self to all whose eyes are opened. Jesus will heal, convict the money changers in the Temple, cry out in rage to the Sanhedrin, eat a final meal, get betrayed by all but one Disciple, be comforted, beaten near death, and die on the cross.

Some interesting things about this week. The Christian Holy Week occurs at the same time as the Jewish Passover. God told Moses to get the people to cover their doors with lamb’s blood so the Angel of Death will pass by their homes and thereby saving the first born sons of Israel. Jesus made the sacrifice of His life, His Blood that would cover and cleanse our hearts to the point where God could fill it full of Himself.

This week we will see Jesus in a whole new light (well, if you were around back then and watching these occurrences as they took place). Jesus is heavily ridiculed and praised all at the same time. He is seen as a king entering his kingdom after winning a battle. He is worshipped and abused, questioned and mocked, ruined and restored.

Judas betrays Jesus for the price of a slave. Jesus was given into slavery so that we could be freed from the slavery of sin.

Jesus shows the example of true exhaustive, passionate, prayer that is the example of need to understand that our will only carries us so far. God is ultimately in control.
True devotion and friendship is tested this week when Peter denies Christ and runs while John stays nearby risking everything to provide a comforting shoulder for Jesus mother.

It is said, according to some deep rooted Catholic tradition, that Pilate offered to put his own son in Jesus place on the cross yet Jesus said no. Pilate’s Wife had a prophetic dream about Jesus and what would become of the world. She supposedly turned to God after that. I do not know the truth of these things yet it would be interesting if they were true.

The actual timing of everything really relies on the Jewish lunar calendar and Passover Seder (Sorry Emperor Constantine you cannot change this one). That is why Resurrection Day rarely on the same day in a twenty year span.

This week, pray for and with someone in desperate need for Jesus. Do as He commissioned us to do. Share what your Savior has done in your life so that others may know who Jesus is to you. Then share how they can have Jesus in their lives. It really is not that hard to do. Instead of inviting someone for Easter service, invite to come for all services.

It is past time to act, we should be in follow up mode. It is not too late at this point to act, Jesus has not invited the thief yet. Be of good faith and not idle. Be blessed today and always with the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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