On the day Jesus was crucified a prophesy was unfolding. When Jesus breathed His last and was pierced for our transgressions, the veil separating the Holy of Holies was torn and God was open to all the people. For many hundreds of years, the priests were the only ones allowed near the Ark of the Covenant. When the life and the blood of the Living Word was spilt on the Earth, the world shook in praise and as it worshipped the truth, it opened up to fulfill Jesus, prophecy of destroying the physical man-made Temple and caused the heart of mankind to become what it was meant to be.

This opened the way for the Holy Spirit to enter in so God could live within us. The 3 day prophesy was not complete until Mary and the Apostles saw and communed with Jesus in His resurrected body. If you recall, Mary was not allowed to touch Jesus at first meeting because He was not complete. The women went and reported all these things and were doubted till the two saw the empty tomb themselves. We were still broken.

The traditions and laws of man still govern over us and have taken the place of God. Things that Jesus discussed and made possible have been corrupted by the devil and entered into the community of believers when those in human authority became greedy and placed the rich in positions that they had no business being in.

We are broken
We are broken by the dependency on technology. Satan has found many ways to keep us from the Mark of God (His Word on our hearts, head, and hands), and replaced it with needs and desires for material things. The products of these advances have left us wanting and not being filled with what is truly needed.

Remember what Jesus said about not worrying? We have become so dependent on the dollar to purchase our basic needs that most have become lazy, stressed, and anxious. We are forced to work in jobs that do not use all our skills. God has given us each a gift to work together as a community trading and bartering goods and services, doing everything for His glory.

Jesus did all He could to get everyone in Judea back on track. He set up everything He needed to do for all to get right with God. Jesus even gave us Paul and Silas. Jesus died for our sins. He gave it all for us. God’s Grace is freely given, Jesus Mercy is on those who put their faith in Him.
But, we are still broken.


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