I was thumbing through Facebook after checking the Ministry Page and saw that someone was wishing Happy Bunny Day. Being the kind of person I am I was slightly distraught at seeing this but instead of correcting the person individually and causing a stir I decided to write this here. 

Are we to Celebrate the Welcoming of Spring or the Resurrection of the One who Saves us

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice so that the Jews (and those turned back to God in general) no longer had to kill a spotless firstborn lamb every year at Yom Kippur. He Is the Ultimate Sacrifice. Firstborn of God, firstborn of human Mary was broken for our iniquities, the Earth was the altar on which His Blood was spilled. The Water from His side flowed life back into the Earth. He was at with God at the beginning, He is the Word with which God spoke the Universe into existence, we are the cause for His death and we symbolize it with a bunny, jellybeans, marshmallow chicks, chocolates, and colored eggs?

Ok, I know that they are just symbols to encourage children to understand a certain meaning but the truth must be in the forefront. We are not welcoming Spring, we are inviting God to return to Hearts.

Jesus died for our sins

He willingly went to the altar, and hung above it bleeding slowly on the dogwood. In fact, every fluid within was now on that tree. He did not scream in pain but called for our forgiveness. It was foretold by God to Moses as He wrote the Pentateuch that He is the only one who could save us from our sins and He did it in the only way possible. He was sent to set things right and bring people back to God. He knew the mission would end in the Sacrifice but there was so much work left to be done. He had a small following of the influential ones from the Tribe of Leviticus but just not enough to change the hearts of all the remaining Israelites. There was no other way, Jesus Had to Die.

Resurrection Day

The good news is that the process of dying did not last long, after an agonizing partial day, Jesus gave up the Spirit and breathed His last. Was laid in the tomb bought by Joseph of Arimathea (a member of the Sanhedrin and a believer), the flesh and bone were reformed by God. The tomb, guarded by Roman soldiers, was quiet and the stone rolled away releasing the Resurrected Jesus. He arose and was glorified after defeating death. That morning after Sabbath the women went to finish the body and it was not there. The shroud was there, the face covering was there but the body was gone. This was no parlor trick, He had completed His task and was made new.

The women searched around the tomb and this search is now symbolized by an egg hunt that an egg laying bunny had hidden treasures in. What??? Thank goodness when churches do this, some actually put items in the plastic eggs that have religious connotations and not just candy.  

Jesus fought the devil and won the victory over our penalty. We are no longer bound by sin. Jesus opened the door of our hearts so that God, His Word, and the Holy Spirit can abide in us. We have a relationship with the Father that is freely given through the Grace of God and the Mercy of Christ. You only have to believe and follow His Truth which is the Holy Word of God. Keeping it on Your Heart daily . This is RESURRECTION DAY not the Spring Celebration of Easter.  

Father God,

I need thee every hour. We are not worthy of your Grace and Mercy but you have given it freely through the ultimate Sacrifice through giving your Son, Jesus, Yeshua, The Word Incarnate, Immanuel, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Merciful Savior, Prince of Peace. Thank You for giving us Your Son so that we can live with You in Eternal Rest, Worshiping and Praising You. Father, Thank You for sending the Helper, the Holy Spirit who guides us through Your Commands in Your Word so that we can live a right life by doing as You ask us to do. Please continue to work in us so that we can be the light to the nations and return to You in One accord. Thank You Father for raising Jesus from the dead, defeating death and the bondage of sin. You have ended that slavery and we promise to be better stewards of Your creation until the time of Your return. All Praise and Worship are Yours.



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