There is something I must talk about that is eating away at many hearts to include some that are very close to me.
Train a child in the way he [should] go; and, even when old, he will not swerve from it. Proverbs 22:6
This does not mean put an extra amount of responsibility on a 6 year old girl by one parent when the two parents could not be together anymore. Nowhere does that instruction say to manipulate your children and tell lies about one parent that damage their love for said parent. You will only cause hatred to well up in the children and possibly cause them to be poor vindictive parents as they get older.
Just because two adults cannot be together does not give you permission to tell lies to the children to make them love one and fear or even hate the other. This is a big problem when both parents are living close to one another and have visits with the children. If both parents truly love their children they would not speak evil of the other adult involved. THAT IS ACTING LIKE A CHILD and is detrimental to the children as well as yourself. Sometimes this is a cycle where one parent has had manipulative parents or in the case that I am speaking of there is a large lack of father figures. This has been the case for a few generations now and the women have been able to manipulate their way through many things. THIS IS WRONG.

When two become one, both have a responsibility in raising the child. When one parent pushes the other out and then degrades that parent in front of the children, this is the most despicable thing a person can do The person will eventually be called out and be taken advantage of themselves. THIS HAS TO STOP.

Brothers and Sisters, we need a lot of prayer for this family. The mother has deceived the children, herself, and others and does not care about the consequences. The father loves his children to the ends of the earth and is being called a bad father without being given the benefit of the doubt and has not been able to prove that he is not the bad guy here. They both need our prayers and hopes that the children do not grow up hating both of them.
Love and peace to all,
Pastor Rob


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