Happy Mother's Day

There is something special and unique about women. They are designed by God to carry and give birth to the next generation. They have a way of dealing with pain that men can truly never fathom because the pain is more than just the physical pain that happens during child birth. They deal with the emotional pain when the child falls, she is the comforter, separation anxiety of the first day of school, the joy and pain of watching their baby grow up to be the spouse of another woman’s child. They know when something is wrong with the children even as they grow older from miles if not hundreds of miles away. They laugh, cry, they smile even when hurting inside.

A mother’s love is never ending. Even if the child wanders away the memory of the mother’s love never leaves.

Women who foster or adopt are truly special because they take on the responsibility of motherhood through love and compassion for others. Though they do not have the initial special bond, their love knows no bounds. A mother is a gift from God. 

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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