This day we are reminded of the sacrifice that so many gave to defend their home so their families and the rest of the country could retain the way of life, avoiding the tyranny that other countries would have caused.  In this way, we as Christians, are reminded that those who go before us are preparing for that final battle that will happen when Jesus Returns.

Yes we should mourn the loss every time we lose a Soldier/Defender of our nation, but we should also celebrate their selfless act of giving up every freedom they had to include their very lives. We need to remember the fallen not those who still fight the fight. Martin Luther had said that Soldiers make the best Christians because they understand what sacrifice is. I wholeheartedly agree. Those in previous authority decided to stop Christians from sharing their faith and have derided Chaplains for preaching the truth in the Word. The devil is in the mix as we still fight to share the Word.

Today do not thank a Soldier for their service but if you must, thank a Soldier for their sacrifice. Thank those who are left behind for their sacrifice especially those whose son or daughter went home.

Have a Blessed Day 


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