Pictured is Mercy Me with Trace Adkins and Dennis Quaid singing I Can Only Imagine taken by my phoneKLOVE Fan Awards


Last Weekend  on the 27th of May the radio station KLOVE had their fan awards. I must admit I had fun even though the family and I spent the weekend as volunteers which was a lot of work. But more than that it was very worshipful and the whole weekend was fulfilling. Meeting some of the artists outside of the meet and greets and concerts, I was honestly amazed at the humility of most of them. While a select few did have a worldly attitude about them, you could tell the difference in the heart.

Heart Matters

On Saturday night, true humility came out in a group of five artists who were up on stage pouring their hearts out telling the meanings of their songs. I will not mention them because they are really just people who have a true heart for God given the gift of song. There was a brief time that night where the entire house was in tears and a couple of the artists had a hard time singing after that but because of their faith and the strength and encouragement provided by God’s Grace, they were able to glorify God in worship.

It was a beautiful weekend.    


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