Today we celebrate Dad’s.
You now the old saying, “Any man can be a father but it takes a special man to be a Dad”.
What is so different and special? A Dad is the closest thing and the first vision a child has of our Father in heaven. The Dad is the one who takes time out of their busy lives to sit and listen to the child’s day. A father is just there. The one who teaches the child how to work outside in the blistering heat or frigid cold. A father sits inside while the child does all the work. A Dad is much needed figure in a young man’s life to bring him up to be kind to the women in their lives. A father… A Dad watches over his daughter as protector from boys like he was. A father is just there. He teaches her to stand up for herself and gives her the strength to say no (example: my daughter has a great left hook ((and smack)) and the discernment to know when to use it).
But mostly, Dad ensures that God is the center of the child’s life. Our Dads are our heavenly Father’s gift to us sharing in His Love. He is responsible for setting the example for the child on worship, praise, and devotion. He takes the time out to read and teach Scripture. He does not let the church be the sole spiritual guide for the child.
Today, celebrate the Dad. But also, Dad, do something special with the child. Pay attention to your children because they really do look up to you.


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