As Christians we will be convicted, persuaded, offended, moved to tears, and broken down. That is just when hearing a person speak in church or on a church blog site. Your faith should be stronger than your fears. If you feel any of those things above then you are actually doing good. God lifts up the downtrodden and that includes His children who mess up even after confessing and affirming faith in Jesus. It is okay, God has you, will help you, guide you, and protect you. Sometimes a pastor says something that goes against what you have been told all your life. Don’t leave discouraged, pray on it and get your mind right with God.
There are times when the called have to deal with fear and are broken, that was me this morning. Today I awoke to the devil pounding on me and I went to church broken. I left remolded, strengthened, risen when the Spirit brought me into the Arms of Jesus while the Words, of Joshua 1:9 Be strong And Courageous were spoken. The devil may try to break us, but GOD is GREATER, STRONGER, and FAITHFUL in His Care and Compassionate Love for His Creation than the devil will ever be. Blessed be the Lord our God Father, Creator, Redeemer, Savior. Friend.


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