There is one way to Heaven and that is the gift of salvation that God provided. No human action can grant a peace such as there is in heaven. Reward seeking for doing works to enter heaven will get you to the gate to look in but the gate will remain closed. No jihad, or ridding of infidels will get rewarded with peace but condemned to darkness.

There is a sense of joy in all sadness when a person is persecuted for their faith. Now I know that seems odd and disjointed when you think of joy but there is more joy for the one who finds his way in through the darkness and does not waiver even though he is surrounded and jaded by those who could not escape the prison of sin.  Do you have a situation where you are being persecuted for your beliefs? Persecution comes in many forms not just from people who are staunch believers in another religious or worldly idealism. It could be by those who you call family, friends, or even coworkers. How is your faith?

O the blessedness of those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 5:10

In God’s Kingdom we will find rest from persecution, there is no more pain and suffering for our beliefs. Works alone do not get us into Heaven but an active faithful obedience does. As believers in Christ we should not seek rewards here on earth because we are freely given the reward for our active and living faith. We have no need for motivations such as self-enjoyment or pleasure (70 virgins, glutinous behaviors, etc.) our motivations is simply to solely love and obey the Lord for there we will find rest.

Doing things for the sake of the Kingdom is better than doing things for self-gratification. Having it all on this earth means nothing. As I mentioned in the opening, Salvation from sin is the free gift of Grace and Mercy for God’s creation. We can do nothing on this earth that provides for entrance to Heaven except for an active faithful obedience no matter the situation.  


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