I can all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

What does it mean to have strength? I am not talking about the lift a 1000 pounds in a strong man contest strength, I am talking strength of will, determination, perseverance type of strength that we rely on God to build within us and grant us when we are weak from the temptations of the world strength.

We are, by nature weak minded and easily manipulated. I am sure you are saying that you are, not but you are. No one is strong enough to resist every temptation that leads to sin. That is why the Father granted the Son to give us the Helper, Holy Spirit.

When we are weak, God provides the strength we need to get through it. If we need to go through it a little ways on our own, Jesus steps in and lifts us through it. That is true for Christians who truly believe and have turned to Christ.

We have a wilderness that we must go through every day in this thing called the human existence. Thing is, we honestly do not have the strength it takes to make it every day on our own. The Word was given to us from the Father in order to find the strength in hope and joyful adoration that we will be rewarded for our suffering. I know that sounds like we have a bum deal, well, we do. We need the encouraging Word and faith in something we cannot physically see to make it. God wants us to be with Him in eternity. Just living life day to day and enjoying our own efforts means nothing. We can think we are strong but we are not.

How is your heart? Is it strong enough to handle everything that Jesus did? What the first Christians had to endure? They found their strength in the knowledge of what waited for them that they learned from Jesus and the Apostles. They faced death every day and welcomed the chance to go home. Not all Christians today have that worry but it may come to that. Would you have the strength? Find the strength in the Word and you will live a good life through Christ. Be blessed Brothers and Sisters.

In Christ,

Rob, Servant of God




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