Brothers and Sisters, there are some pastors who are not afraid to speak the truth of the matter. We have done our research, prayed over and studied the texts and Scriptures and found that what we had taught was due to a group of Anti-Semitics 2000 years ago who attempted the impossible by trying to remove everything Jewish from Christianity. That is kind of hard when the Savior was born a Jew. I cannot apologize for the actions of past misunderstandings and the unnecessary torture and death of believers in the same God. I will not apologize for all those who knew and yet still spewed hate, God has that covered.

Faithful Believer VS Religious Foolishness

There is a difference between being Christian and being religious. Religion is a man-made concept designed for human control over other humans. Being a believer and follower of the Triune God, or G-d, is about relationships, caring for one another, and living as one human community under our creator God.

The religious fool will boast of his/her faith and faithfully pay in without actively living out the faith. The Faithful Believer is humble, gives to the church monetarily when they can and goes out into the community to serve without asking for anything in return. The religious fool believes they are obligated to receive when the faithful believer’s heart wants for nothing.

We must be careful, diligent, and vigilant that we are not deceived when the Adversary (Satan, the Devil, Lucifer) comes and seduces mankind into believing he is the real Savior when he is actually the anti Christ. There is one thing we can do that will keep the Adversary at bay, staying in the Word and fully being in the Savior by conducting ourselves in a manner pleasing to God. It is tough but it is possible.  


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