One of the biggest problems we have today is that the world is moving faster than most can keep up. The issue is the impatience that has grown from people desiring things be done right away. They are always looking for the faster cars, internet speeds, quick service restaurants with probably the most unhealthy foods, and other things where people want the results right there and then. This is an unhealthy attitude that has led to the early demise of many people.

Think about Black Friday shopping in the U.S. for instance. We wait outside for a few hours prior to a store opening just to be first in and get that one item that is supposedly on sale when the price was actually jacked up in the weeks before then lowered just so people would buy it. There the impatient individuals that trample people sometimes killing them, arguments are fought with fists over an item that they could get for the same price at a smaller discount store year round. 

If the world would just slow down and desire things we really do not need to survive, we would not have these issues. Summer is winding down and Autumn/fall is about to start. This is time of reflection and renewal. A time to harvest the Summer grown crops and enjoy the cool breeze. A time to relax and meditate on God’s Word and the beauty of creation that surrounds us. We should sit back and watch the leaves change and fall.

Today I Kayaked down a river and watched the wind hit the trees, the water rush over rocks, and people just enjoying the day without the hustle and bustle of things. It was calm and I was at peace with no worries. If we could just run with the calm of the water the world would be a better place. 


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