A kind man benefits himself, but a cruel man brings trouble on himself.  Proverbs 11:17

One of the best ways to describe the Fruits of The Spirit to children is to give an example of actual fruit.

When we eat grapes, we often share them.  A stem of grapes can be shared with many people.  Grapes represent being kind to others because we can share them.  Kindness is showing goodness, generosity and friendliness. 

Generosity is the act of being unselfish. It is sharing of the plenty that one has been blessed with. When we are generous that does not always mean money. It can be many things to include food, time, and patience. Being Kind through generosity shows the measure of a heart that has no weight in the world and is free from the bonds of self-indulgence. A Godly generous person takes care of others even to the point of just having enough to survive on. A Godly generous person does not desire attention or accolades. The Godly generous person is one attribute of the sheep that Jesus spoke of when He spoke of the sheep and goat.

Showing Goodness and Friendliness is the extension of acts of kindness that go a very long way and helps others pay it forward. One would be surprised how far the chain goes when paying for the car behind you at the drive through. There are times noted where one person started the chain at breakfast and the next ten cars did the same. It would have probably been longer but the eleventh car was the last in the line at the time.

Sharing even the simplest smile or kind word can be an act of generosity even when the person speaking or smiling is really not having a good day. It helps everyone involved. Asking a person how their day is going could make all the difference in the person for the rest of the day.

So just like kids at lunch sharing their grapes or other foods, adults can learn to be just as generous in everything they do. It starts at home. The generous parent teaches the child to do the same. Are you generous?    


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