The debate on works getting us into Heaven has been around since before the first Scriber of Scripture. The issue is not really what one does but how it is done and who gets the credit for the work. Abraham did many things by his own hands but most of those were not pleasing to nor were they for God’s Grace. He wanted to please God with the works but there was a difference between what Abraham thought God wanted and what God said. To be honest, it was not until Abraham took Isaac up on the mountain side to sacrifice him that he finally learned the difference between acting in obedience in faith and doing things of his own accord to please God.

When we look at the differences in those who were full of faith and those who had selfish desires to please God, we see the difference in how they act towards others. Selfish ambition to get into heaven is not pleasing to God while random acts of loving kindness without seeking accolades and privately in prayer thanking God for the gifts of the Spirit is.  

How often do we pray that God will use us as a light but do not recognize when we are actually used as that light. That is God working in our heart through our prayer. Prayer is a very powerful thing, more powerful than people think. A heartfelt prayer can heal, can ease pain, can bless a soul, and can make one understand the humility of our place in the world.

Prayer works wonders on our soul and the souls of others. Prayer helps empower us through the Spirit to do the works of faith that are required of us. We go to God in prayer to ease our minds, to ask God for help, and to thank Him for His Grace and Mercy throughout the day. Doing these things are showing our faith, love, and trust in God that He will support us, guide us, and grant us what He desires of us, not what e desire for ourselves. Prayer works help to heal others in their time of need because we have a heartfelt desire to trust fully in God that intercedes for those whom we pray for.

Humbleness is the most important part of prayer. Recognizing that we are not in charge but have the power to ask God’s favor through our faithful supplication in prayer keeps us humble. It is this humility that keeps us from the wicked desires of the heart and helps transform those around us through God’s work in us. The humble heart works in prayer and shares with others through faith in action without selfish desires yet like Jesus gives selflessly of their lives.

Prayer is the work of the heart that grants us the ability to do God’s will and helps move God’s plan for us forward. Do you pray for yourself or others? Prayers of thanksgiving and for those who are not ourselves is the greatest work prayer can do in our lives. Can works come through prayer? Yes, that is faith in action. Will you?          


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