Proverbs is the greatest place for one line verses that can make or break a person. These little quips of knowledge and understanding have moved so many people to a right way of life. There are many things we can learn from Scripture but most of the ways of responsible and common sense Godly living are covered in this book.

One of the things covered in Proverbs is making plans. Now making plans is good to a point, but before executing the plan make sure you pray over your day that the plans are what God needs you to do.

 One can devise many plans in one’s mind, but Adonai’s plan will prevail. Proverbs 19: 21 (CJB)

God knows the plans He has for us (Jeremiah 29:11) to be a successful person, the main thing that must be done is prayer. Yes God will direct us onto the right path but if we ignore God by doing our own thing then we will have to get through many obstacles before getting to the right place. When we stray from His plan and have a real bad experience we can lose trust in Him but a faithful person will stay on track and make it through to the end.

We are all sinners and the Adversary has made himself known through all the evil and influencing people to influence others astray. The worst part of the influencing has been making good evil and evil good. Common sense and responsibilities have become bad things. Our minds are clouded to the point where many are blaming everyone else for their troubles when they do not want to take responsibility for their own actions. In fact, being a God fearing, responsible, common sense minded adult has become a bad word. Adulting (the act of behaving like a responsible adult) is like a disease to many who do not want to be responsible for themselves and depend on worldly things to control them.

The influence of the devil’s power has corrupted many and the disease is spreading like wildfire. These plans are not of God but of the devil. So much sin has become the norm that even some established church bodies have caught the disease and forgotten their ways. We really cannot let this perversion of the gospel go on much longer.     

Brothers and Sisters we must do more than just pray for the souls of the lost. We must pray that our lights get so bright that it opens the eyes of those blinded by all things that are against God. The trust of the masses needs to turn back to God so that we can survive. According to Scripture, we already know that there will be many who are destroyed in the pit because their minds and hearts have turned so far away that there is no return but we can hope for change. We still have influence in this world through the power of the Holy Spirit and our faith, hope, and trust in the Lord God Almighty. The thing is to make sure we are doing the right thing so we do not go through the pains of human plans by fully relying on God.


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