With everything going on lately it is sometimes hard to sit and write. This past week was very long and we have some good things going on. The surveyor started working on a property that we are under contract to purchase, my secular job responsibilities have increased, Katrina started a new job even though I am playing taxi because she works near me.

There are feelings of frustration, excitement, impatience, and (quite honestly) exhaustion, but in all this is prayer and supplication to the plans of which are not my own. I have let a few things slip nd have felt the ramifications of those missed things both physically and spiritually. I am reminded of many verses that are engrained in my memory that are very hard to forget but the one thing that I know is that God Loves us.

We hope to have the land very soon and should have the first part of the Worship Center complete by the end of the year. With all things happening I pray that the Holy Spirit will keep me from total exhaustion and mental drainage. I know He has my back and just ask for prayers that we can do what is required of us at His pace.

Love and Blessings to All,

Rob, Servant of God


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