You know those little lessons in patience and understanding that come about at times when you are so frustrated with things that you thought were going well only to find out that there were some missteps that could have been avoided? I had one this past week. I won’t go into great detail but there was a moment that I was feeling defeated and frustrated with the way things were going only to realize that God was working in me to correct certain mistakes that I, like Abraham, took upon myself to get something done.

I had guidance but my impatience took the better of me and I ended up not being in a good place mentally. But God works in these moments teaching lessons in patience and understanding and corrected me in a learning experience at a cost. God put me back on track and I feel better mentally and physically. I love the lessons and I know there will be more but with each lesson I remember the punishment and the results so that I do not do that again.

With all that said, we should be closing on land by the end of next week to begin making the vision a reality. The Path-Way Refuge and Retreat Center should be partially opening by Easter with a preview by Christmas this year.

Call For Assistance

If you are part of a group that is looking for a place to assist in missions building we could use your help very soon. Once we get the land cleared and a design set up we will be starting to build the prayer path and reflection gardens. If you would like to be part of the effort to bring this calling to a reality then please leave a comment or connect with us through the contacts page.

God Is Great

Rob, Servant of God 


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