“Come to me, all of you who are struggling and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28
Rest is a wonderful thing at the end of the day. Unfortunately, many in this day and age work themselves into the ground so hard they cannot see the light above. Worry, fear, anger, pain, are all part of the struggles we face but God has the answer for us, Jesus.
Jesus understands our struggles and how they put pressure on our souls. The struggles make us weary and cause us to sometimes just give up. We can find our rest from the struggles in the arms of Jesus. I know Jesus is not physically here but the Word was left for us to find that rest. In other words, we find solace and strength in His message that comes from the heart of the Father.
Not only that, God gave us companionship. We have friends and family but most of all He designed us to find that one other in whom completes us. Adam and Eve were made of one soul in two bodies. The term soul mate is the completeness of two persons becoming one in heart soul and mind. This creates a bond that will never end. I am not saying that we are only half a soul nowadays but there are things about each of us that are missing and only found in two places: our God given companion and in Him.
Does God allow struggles that make us weary? The challenges we face bring us closer to Him when He is in our hearts. These struggles are tests. We can find strength through Him in our weakest moments because our faith and trust in Him will lift us up.
The Apostle Paul struggled immensely due to His weariness from the pain he inflicted before Jesus transformed him. These tests only made him stronger in faith which gave others the desire to know Jesus You can almost say that Paul carried his burden but Jesus lifted him each time he fell. In his struggle was his strength. As he grew older and weary because of the jailing, the stories of his turning to Jesus and his unwavering faithfulness helped others find solace in their struggles while under the rule of Rome. Paul was a champion of faith even though he would never accept a title like that.
Brothers and Sisters, find your solace in the arms of Jesus. He does not want to see us struggle even though He knows we will be. Jesus is our strength in our weakest moments and we can find Him in our hearts through the Word and our faith. This weekend take time to rest and reflect so you can get back to the grindstone with renewed strength through Jesus.
Rob, Servant of God


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