Four years ago on this date I was officially ordained into the ministry of our Lord and Savior. This has been a journey of many ups and downs filled with joy and disappointments but I know it is all for God’s Glory. Each step is down the road towards Emmaus receiving instruction and seeking what was and is right by my side. Four years, a very short time in the greater scheme of things but every day is one more closer to seeing our Savior.

In preparedness for the Ordination I was given challenges that made me understand my place and that certain things I had enjoyed must no longer be a part of me. God changed my path and helped me grow. My mother spoke of Hannah and Samuel as she gave me back to God for His Will.

He sent me to a church to see what happens when people attempt to control the Pastor. The church was filled with greed, archaic traditions, closed doors, and false idealisms on membership which shaped my beliefs into understanding what needs to not happen in a Body of Christ. Don’t get me wrong, there were good people in the church but they were trapped as it was a family run church.

I began to grow, seeking other places to serve with no avail while writing and speaking the truths of Scripture. I had a real bad moment of being human and the temptation took me down a path that nearly destroyed the family but we recovered. I was forgiven  through God’s Grace and Mercy.

This is the Day that the Lord has made. Today we hope to complete the purchase of the land on which we will set up the Worship Center Retreat and Refuge. This has been a journey of finding the right place that God wants us to be and it was just over the hill and down the road.

God watches over us every step of the paths set before us. Jesus takes the steps where we should not tread and picks us up while (and sometimes after) we fall teaching us how to be closer to Him. I pray that this journey continues to Glorify God through showing His enduring Love, Grace, and Mercy in our lives and that we are a light in this world to expand the Kingdom wherever His Word reaches.

May God Bless and be present in your journey and you remain in Christ.

In His Love,

Rob, Servant of God


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