Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister. Romans 14:13

Why are we so quick to judge actions and reactions of others that make them stumble or make it so that they have to take the time from what they were doing to correct the allegations whether they be true or false? This passage is talking about false judgements. All too often, people judge without knowing the truth of the matter and cause a person to have to correct misnomers where a correction was not required before.

Why do we do this?

There are many reasons people lay judgements and blame for things that cause another to stumble. Most of the false accusations are due to being petty, bitterness, jealous, or flat out lying to make themselves look better than the other.

Pettiness is not the Christian way. It is defined as, ”undue concern with trivial matters, especially of a small-minded or spiteful nature”. I know that word is usually found when talking about nonsense arguments but it also goes well with judgements especially when one is jealous of another. When a person concerns themselves with things that are not of major concern about another individual, they are being petty. A petty person will judge another out of spite and jealousy. This will only grow the bitterness of a person and lead to false accusations when in truth the person spreading the accusations is actually at fault.

Lives of very good people have been ruined with little chance of recovery when the accusations reach those who know and depend on the person and they do not see the truth. I have seen people who call themselves Christians being petty and spreading false rumors which cause other people to falsely judge. It is very disheartening the trouble it caused the victim. The person will eventually answer for his or her words and actions when the truth comes out.    

What is Our Responsibility?

First and foremost we should not be jealous of another because of who they are. Jealousy, pettiness, bitterness, and lying are not fruits or gifts of the Spirit. If a brother or sister is found in sin that they cannot escape from we should be encouraging them to put away the things that caused the sin so the temptation is no longer there. In this way we are not judging but helping the person turn away from sin and back to Christ defeating the devil one part of the Kingdom at a time.

Are we not supposed to do unto others as we would have done to ourselves? By making another stumble you are opening yourself up to the same. It may take years for it to occur but it will happen. We are not the judge, God is. 

If we ignore those who judge and do not give in to their will we can be successful. Be careful not to judge the judge but turn the other cheek standing strong in Faith with God’s Strength and Love. Let them feel good about themselves for that will only be temporary. God will take care of them be it here in this life or in the next. Be blessed today and every day wrapped in the arms of Jesus.

Rob, Servant of God


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