Why do people shame others for their looks or their way of life? Is it out of jealousy or is there some other factors or belief systems that cause people to act this way? Thing is, either way it is not the Godly thing to do even though the problem of shaming is largely within the whole of Christianity. Shame results in a loss of dignity and causes emotional pain. Why would a Christian do that to another?Shame of Shaming


Remaining sexually pure before marriage is biblically sound but not a reason to overemphasize it so much that it causes physical and psychological damage to youth who become so scared that they cannot have a healthy relationship that would grow into love and marriage. The Evangelical Purity Movement has done just that. We understand that desires of the body happen but the youth do not need to be shamed into believing those feelings are wrong and of the devil.

Instead youth leaders should discuss the emotional impact of those desires and how to live with and  control them from a Jesus perspective. Dealing with desires from a Jesus loving style perspective helps a developing person embrace the emotions on a spiritual level and the ability to face and take on the giant of persecution and ridicule from peers who tease them for their decision. Dealing with this in a loving and caring way instead of public shaming will be more beneficial for the youth in their later years and help enhance the marriage experience as it is a gift from God.

Appearance and Preference    

Shaming happens on all sides of humanity not just by religious zealots. This stems from many things within cultures and the worldview of specific societies. There is absolutely no reason to body shame someone or shame someone for their sexual preference. They are dealing with their own demons and have either accepted the way they are or are trying to change themselves for their health or otherwise. When a person is shamed for their appearance, especially when it comes to weight (too skinny or overweight), this can cause a person who has low self-esteem to get worse. If a person is really trying to get healthy it puts them in a place that either makes them work twice as hard to get to a healthy weight or for the person to increase their issue which can be more damaging either way.

There are people who have certain diseases that must be overcome personally if they want to get to the scientifically recommended healthy weight. The mistake is that people will shame another and sometimes make things much worse. We cannot be doing that and say that we are Children of God. Instead, Love on them and ask if there is a way to help them through. Be the accountability partner or just a caring friend. Someone the person can count on for encouragement as he or she struggles.

As for preference, Brothers and Sisters we are not judges of man’s ways considered as sinful by God. We are here to love one another and bring all people closer to God so they can choose to confess and repent of their sins. The choices people make are their own decisions we cannot choose their lifestyle for them. This goes for all sins because all sins are treated equally in God’s eyes. Some are abominations according to God’s Word, yes, but the only unforgivable sin is the complete denial and turning away from God.

People born on this earth of all ethnicities, creeds, social constructs, and preferences are created by God. The choices made by the individual will determine their life in eternity until the fire. We have no right to shame anyone in order to control their thoughts and deeds or to satisfy our jealousies. That is not to be our way. Jesus taught us to love in all adversity because we are all God’s Children no matter what. Through God’s Love we can all work together and bring the Kingdom closer.

Continue in prayer for those who are in harm’s way be it war or natural disaster. Pray for the sick and dying that they may be comforted and call of Jesus. Pray for those who mourn this sinful life that they may find comfort and forgiveness in God’s arms. Brothers and Sisters, be blessed this week and all weeks ahead to the day of the Lord’s return.

Rob, Servant of God


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