The old saying, “stop and smell the roses” holds so much truth but some people do not even remember what a rose even looks like.  So here is a bouquet.                        roses_bouquet_3555

This weekend take the time to reconnect with family. I know for some it is hard to do and some will say that they cannot “afford” to but simply being there and showing that you appreciate, love, have great concern for the family’s well being costs absolutely nothing but your time. It takes little effort to express this. For some, all it may require is a simple hug. There is a great big world in everyone’s little corner that has yet to be explored. 

We have become so detached from our families it has become a reflection in our relationship with God. Satan has worked in so many distractions that people have given up traditional values and time spent that we have ignored the bare necessities of our souls. Scripture says that we will love evil and hate good. We have desired the distractions of the world so much that things God abhors have become the things we cherish and call normal.

My challenge to you is to put away the things that distract you and your family from each other, find an activity that is free and go do it as a family. Some examples are: Walk through a park and have a picnic; sit around a campfire and roast marshmallows; play a board game; spend time as a family and study a devotion to reconnect the family with God.  

Brothers and Sisters, I know we have heard this many times but we are all still guilty of it. The desires and greed of those who control the very things we need to survive in this world cause us to falter and work so much just to afford to live. We can beat this by rekindling our faith and trust in God that He will provide and keep us in His arms. He will make a way for us.


Rob, Servant of God 




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