Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood was a multifaceted show about growth and diversity. It was a show that all ages learned from even though the focus was on building up children with a godly set of behaviors that would hopefully bring God back into a society that was lost to so many worldly and evil ways. While it did work for some it did not work for all.

He taught how to be kind and generous to all people in a time where civil rights were being fought for. The show had lessons on diversity and how not to judge others based on skin color, upbringing, and social status. His was a way of bringing the problems to light without talking directly about the problems but showing the solutions and a right way of unity in diversity. Mr. Rogers was a Good Samaritan.  

God shows Mercy and Grace to us but we have problems showing the same to our brothers and sisters (all humans). We need unity in diversity. We need to show the world that we can live together in a non-judgmental way. Everyone is broken and there is no need to bully someone whose brokenness is different from your own.

When we judge someone based on their ethnicity, religious beliefs, and social status, we are really judging ourselves. This comparison to make one feel better about oneself while degrading another is keeping the world separate from God. Yeah we have people who do missions all over the world but the world has mission fields for people who live as little as five to ten feet away from each other. That mission, Love one another just as God has loved us, and Loving our neighbor as ourselves. If we cannot be kind to the people who live on the same street, how can we validate our kindness to people in other countries?

How do we live with ourselves knowing that someone is hurting but not being kind? This can even be in your own house. Mistakes are made, but without talking about them and forgiving one another within walking distance, we have no right to go over an ocean to share the Word.

Jesus taught us to love one another. That is to be kind, generous, caring, and showing compassion towards each other; not to show jealousy, judgement, bigotry, loathing, and all other evilness. How do you treat your neighbor? Are you really a “good neighbor”.

Do you show earthly or Godly hospitality? Are you all about making good impressions through physical means or Spiritual? Would you give the shirt off your back and your coat as well to someone who is cold and does not have it while you have plenty. God gives the faithful the resources to help those in need. He equips us to be that good neighbor.

Will you be a good neighbor?


 Rob, Servant of God


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