Brothers and Sisters, I need to talk of a situation. This involves my secular job where I am basically the one who controls the sending of information to students to get a desired outcome. For four years I have been the person instructors are supposed to coordinate with for training out at a “field site” that ensures the students understand the training they have received. The procedure is that the instructors comes and sees me one week prior to the training so I can get my team in motion and conduct the training without a hiccup. Most of the training is prepackaged and the coordination is just to ensure the instructors understand the training and come to a timeframe agreement. There are times where the instructors come in after the required time and all of a sudden want to change things or they tell everyone else except the individuals who control the training (namely my team).

Thing is, when the instructors come in with an expectation that we are going to be able to change on a whim, they get disappointed when things do not go their way and the students complain about us instead of realizing that we are doing what we can to make the instructors last minute changes work.

What does this have to do with anything? God has a plan. His plan is preset and when we decide we do not like our part in HIs plan and try to change things, we fail and place the blame elsewhere instead of accepting that it is our own fault. Other people suffer because our human plans are not part of God’s Will for us which cause many to stumble. God has a procedure and a plans manual called the Bible. If we try to change it, we fail but if we follow His Word we succeed.

God wants us to be successful, not in worldly ways but in His ways. The only way we can be successful in our next life outside of the world is if we follow the guidelines and directions given for this one. When we waver, we fail; when we follow, we succeed. It is actually very easy but the world complicates things. If we follow God’s procedures there is no question that all will be good and the goal is met. Are you willing to follow procedure and listen to God’s Word and the example of Jesus’ life?


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