According to Jesus there are two paths, the narrow and the wide. One leads to light and the other leads to darkness. These two paths are totally different in nature and at one point in our lives we need to understand that it is our choice on which path we take. One path is easy yet at the end the most dangerous. The other is very hard to stay on in fact you might think you are walking a tight rope but the reward is great. After this choice is revealed to us we must decide where we go from there.

The wide path is one where God’s Word is present but not followed. It is the ways of the world with little attention to the desire of having God in our lives. If fact you could say that it is literally having the devil as your guide.

The narrow path is God’s. It is where the Word is ever present and followed the best we can in our misshapen, human lives.  We are held to a standard that is very difficult to keep but the difference between the two paths is in whom we put our faith, our trust in. It is who we turn to in times of trembling.

The narrow path leads to the Kingdom of Heaven. God sent Jesus to guide us to the path and Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide us and keep us on the path. Yes we have free will but unlike the wide path where free will allows for no immediate punishment for our mistakes, the narrow path corrects us and keeps us there.

The wide path keeps people in the world. It is filled with woes and worries over basic needs and wanderings. There is no clear cut edge on either side so there is much wavering. You can still know God and stay on the wide path but you will not see God and feel His presence once your path ends.

The path we take is determined by us when we reach the crossroad between innocence and understanding. It is a choice we make on our own but there is always still time to change our minds. We can choose to live in the world and gain nothing at the end, or choose Christ and gain everything.  God wants us to choose life with Him. What will you choose?

Brothers and Sisters there is a fine line where the grey is so thin that it is barely seen. It is thinner than a strand of hair. We cannot stay there but must choose the path we will take. I urge you to trust God and Keep His Word on your heart. That will help you stay on the narrow path to life.

There are so many ways the devil deceives and we could be walking the wide path while thinking we are on the narrow, that is why God gave us His Word, His Commandments, His Son. I have said before that there is a difference in believing and being in Jesus, this is where that is the most important. Being in Christ, walking in His ways the best we can is the way to stay on the narrow verses just believing and not walking beside Him.

The Choice is yours.

Rob, Servant of God


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